Atlas Legal Research

Atlas Legal Research, LP

Litigation Support Services

Atlas Legal Research provides a soup-to-nuts solution so that litigation attorneys can focus on witness preparation and trial strategy. Our job is to provide superior written work product designed to help our clients make the best case possible.

Our core litigation support offerings include:

  • drafting trial briefs
  • crafting appellate briefs
  • preparing discovery motions and responses
  • writing proposed findings in bench trials
  • drafting proposed jury charges
  • consulting on litigation strategy
  • providing legal research memoranda (subjective or objective)
  • 50-state legal surveys
Litigation Support Services

Additional litigation support services include:

Deposition summaries
Litigation document review
Expert witness research
Medical record chronologies
Pretty much anything else a client needs

The many demands of a thriving practice can be taxing. By exploring legal issues in depth, our team can examine and untangle particularly thorny legal issues. We often find victory on paths our clients wouldn't have the time to walk down alone. Multiply your output by utilizing our research and writing attorneys.

Our client-centered techniques are so thorough and precise that clients ask us to provide additional services that help support other aspects of litigation.

To put our team to work on your next case, or on your existing cases, simply email us or call us at 214-526-8811, and we will get you set up.